Hydro Queen

For removal of keratin as well as for extrusion

Whole face    /    Around the nose

The special tip of the Hydro Queen™ consists of two suction holes and one serum discharge hole.

Its specially – designed spiral tip is intended to hold a product ling enough to soften dead cells of skin.

Provide nutrients, and absorb them in a vacuum state to maximize its peeling and extrusion effects.

  • Removal of horny substances and supply of moisture at the same time.
  • Safe: neither downtime nor side – effects
  • Multiple skincare effects


Ultrasound handpiece 1.2 MHz
Aqua handpiece Face(Regular Size), Nose (Narrow Size)
Diamond handpiece #140 / #170
Vacuum pump Up to 600mmHg (±10%)
Power consumption 80watt
Aqua waste tank 1200cc
Input voltage 200VAC / 50 / 60Hz
Size 350(D) x 350(L) x 1000(H) mm
Weight 30Kg