New Ashley is promising technique for the treatment of dermis area

  • Needle ablative
  • Touch Non-ablative
  • The Latest Fractional RF Technique
  • Optimizing the strong points for RF Micro Needling System


Adoption of insulated needle without damage of epidermis minimizes downtime.
Application of high density energy reduces irradiation time of high frequency and shortens the treatment time epochally resulting in increasing the treatment effect and minimizing pain.
Needle insert system accessible to both automatic mode and convenience according to the lesion and treatment area.
Application of powerful motor to insert needle enables you to insert needle uniformly even for curved dermis.
Optimized treatment for the purpose of dermis coagulation shows an excellent effect in the treatment of gular suture, laugh line, philtrum wrinkle, etc which were difficult to treat with other devices.

Strong point and Features of Ashley treatment

  1. Sophisticate and fast treatment of convenience
    Depth of penetration can be precisely adjusted in 0.1mm units from 0.5mm to 4.0mm. ;It can adjust the amount of energy – single/double and 1Mhz / 2Mhz
  1. Precise treatment
    36 and 49 pin needles are available to be equipped. It facilitates the treatment on both wide and narrow areas.
  1. Safe energy transmission system
    Insulated needle tip can transmit the energy accurately on dermis area without damaging epidermis.
  1. Minimize pain for treatment and no down time
    Reduces the damage of epidermis as much as possible by minimizing the diameter of needle.
  1. Smartmode
    Stored smart mode increases the convenience for users.


Model Ashley
Energy 32J(Max.power)
Repeat time 0.5sec-3.0ms,OFF
Pulse duration 2-100ms / (Single / Double Pulse Mode)
Frequency 1MHz/2MHz (Selectable)
Density level (MFR) 36dots(Needle6x6)
Enable Operation Shots One needle can use up to 3000 shots for one patient
Operating Mode Auto
Operating area (MFR) Square (13mm×13mm)
Operating area (NFR) Square
Save mode SMART MODE, M1-M5
Depth control 0.5-4mm
Electrical Requirements 100/220v, single phase,50/60hz
Dimensions 380(w)x440(D)X1150(H) mm
Weight 22kg
Display Touch screen 10.2 Inches color LCD